Baby's hair accessories

In the Baby’s hair accessories section you can find a variety of items, from the brands we represent (Monnalisa, Paz Rodríguez, Foque, Moschino); such as bonnets, headbands, hair bands, hooks, hats, caps, hair accessories, among many other suggestions.
All items are selected with the greatest possible care, always taking into account your baby’s comfort and safety.
Welcome to the Baby’s hair accessories section of Special Clothing, an enchanted world of baby and toddler fashion.

Any European manufacturer / exporter that develops or markets products made for children up to fourteen should be aware of the European voluntary standard, which allows the end consumer to be informed about the safety of clothing purchased for consumers of the above age range.

The voluntary standard determines when children’s clothing can be considered safe. Although the standard is voluntary, its principles are often used to determine whether children’s clothing is safe, making it likely that products that do not meet the standard will be withdrawn from the market. The special norm refers to threads and ribbons in clothing.

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