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Maison Pollux is a Parisian luxury leather goods house for the whole family.

The first collection of bags and purses inspired by Jean de la Fontaine’s timeless fables has been designed to go from arm to arm, as an indefectible link between a mother and her daughter.
This ingenious concept, one for all/all-in-one, is the new essential accessory for mummies and children.

Maison Pollux

Maison Pollux is committed to the values of transmission, sharing and simplicity. The collection is like a story to tell. Models accompany you and become a part of you and your family.

Maison Pollux
is a new concept of leather goods
that crosses the generations.


At the heart of this new concept, the family, and how to pass on values between kids and adults: to grow up, to grow old, to learn, to have fun, just to love each other…


Maison Pollux products can tell different tales in the same family. Multiple ways of carrying to share the same bag.


Your hands will be the first to love the tenderness, the softness, and this subtle blending of textures.

Two friends

It was in the Delvaux House of fine leather goods that Elise and Delphine had their first meeting of minds. Both aesthetes, explorers, connoisseurs, adventurers, they found they had a lot in common.

Elise Vandamme

Elise developed her rigorous technical expertise in materials with some of the most famous brands, such as Hermès. Through her first steps in Lyon, where she trained as a leather engineer, she learned the techniques of yesteryear.

Delphine Monteau

Delphine, an enthusiastic woman of a thousand ideas, and who trained as a stylist at La Cambre Fashion School (Brussels), is constantly feeding her inspiration with the people, stories and objects she encounters in her buzzing life. Passionate about craftsmanship, Delphine reflects deeply and at length before embarking on her characteristically meticulous and detailed creations and has been a designer for famous houses such as Loewe, Givenchy and then Delvaux.

Today, these two young girls have grown up.
Each now has her own family
and decided to create the brand Maison Pollux,
with products that combine the kid and adult world.


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