What clothes should you buy for your baby in the spring?

It’s spring already !!! The season of the year when everything blooms.

If you are the mother or father of a newborn baby or a few months old for the first time, doubts may arise about which clothes are best suited to dress your baby in the spring. As we all know, spring is a time when the climate can be very unstable and different climatic conditions can occur on the same day: clouds, wind, a little rain, then sun, at night it cools … even us, as adults , we never know for sure what kind of clothes to wear; therefore, when we have babies at home, things can get more complicated when choosing.

In this article, we would like to help clarify all these doubts and help you make the spring wardrobe for a baby.

What clothes are suitable for a baby in the spring? What clothes should you buy for your baby in the spring?

First of all, in any season of the year, your baby’s clothes must be of the highest quality. Avoiding possible allergic reactions, irritation due to poorly worked seams … Remember that the clothes are in direct contact with the baby’s skin. Therefore, we must be consistent and careful in this regard. That is why, at Special Clothing we select brands with a high quality standard. The brands we represent for baby are 100% made in Portugal and / or Spain, and all garments are made with great dedication, care and affection. Always thinking and putting your baby’s well-being above all else.

The first thing to keep in mind is that all of our recommendations for spring baby clothes need to be adapted to where you live. Well, it is not the same spring that is enjoyed in the north, as in the south … The temperatures are not the same.

One of the most recommended fabrics for spring baby clothes is perlé. It is a type of mesh, made of shiny cotton fiber, the thickness of which may vary. It is a breathable and thin fabric with which your baby will feel very comfortable. It is perfect for spring, as it adapts very well to mild temperatures. In the first months of spring, we can choose perlé clothes and, later, replace sweaters with shirts.

babysuit "Malia" paz rodriguezShirts recommended for babies are those that are closed at the front, with buttons on the back, for your baby’s safety. Choose those that have a very soft and skin-friendly fabric for your baby and those that have no side seams. They are perfect for spring, with an undergarment and for summer.

Another basic piece to wear to babies in spring is organic cotton pajamas. They must be long-sleeved pajamas, thin cotton so that they stay warm at night, but without sweating or being hot, which can overload them.

We must not rely on the good spring temperatures to leave your feet bare. It is advisable to wear fine mesh boots, which protect your feet and prevent them from getting cold.

pre-walker "Malia" paz rodriguez

We must have light clothes with long sleeves and short sleeves. Until the end of May, we can also choose to wear shorts, skirts or dresses without socks. Of course, something fundamental that we must not forget: sunscreen. With the arrival of good weather, we tend to spend more time on the street, especially during the sunny day. This is good, since the sun – in its right measure – is good for babies and for all of us! But we must not forget that the skin is very delicate and we must protect them when the sleeves and pants start to get shorter.

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