How i wash my baby’s clothes?

Babies’ skin is very delicate and easily irritable. Therefore, it’s important to treat it with care and protect it from any agent that may damage it. One of the most important precautions is your clothes, your selection and the way we wash them.

If you are, for the first time, a mother or father of a newborn or a few months old baby and you are unsure about how to wash your baby’s clothes, this article can be of great help. If this isn’t the case, it will certainly be very useful to know some recommendations about the necessary care for baby clothes. So take note.

Tips on how i wash my baby’s clothes.

Baby clothes require special treatment and more delicacy than the care we usually take with adult clothes. Therefore, we want to share tips on how to properly wash baby’s clothes.

Wash your baby’s clothes in a laundry separate from the rest of the family. This is one of the most important aspects. Especially in the first 6 months, when the skin is more sensitive and at greater risk of developing dermatitis or atopic skin. By washing your clothes separately, we can prevent your baby’s clothes from coming into contact with possible bacteria that irritate the skin. It is also recommended to use a protective bag for clothes, in case you mix them with the rest of the clothes in the same laundry.

blanket "Paz V20" Paz RodriguezClothes can be washed by hand and machine. However, when washing in the machine, we must use the program for delicate clothes, at low temperature and with a short program. It is important that, in one way or another, wash your baby’s clothes very well (especially when washing by hand) to avoid leaving detergent residues between the fibers of the fabric, which can irritate the skin.
Use a special baby clothes detergent. This type of detergent has a hypoallergenic or neutral formula and has been tested by dermatological laboratories for atopic skin or dermatitis.
Use only the recommended dose of detergent. If we apply more than the recommended product, we run the risk that they will not be completely eliminated during washing and we can irritate the baby’s skin. It is also very likely that the touch will be rougher.

It is not advisable to use fabric conditioner for baby clothes. They consist of intense perfumes and chemical compounds, which can be harmful to babies. In addition, since fabric softeners are incorporated into the clothes in the last washing cycle, they are not likely to be rinsed well.

Eliminate the use of bleach or stain remover. These types of products contain very aggressive chemicals that harm babies’ skin. When we want to remove stubborn stains, it is better to rub with hot water.

Hang baby clothes immediately after washing is finished. Thus, we will prevent the clothes from wrinkling or smelling bad, typical of humidity.
Avoid the dryer. It is always better to opt for natural drying. In this way, we can avoid marks and wrinkles. You should, however, be aware that if you spend a lot of time drying in the sun, you run the risk that your clothes will deteriorate under the sun’s rays.

Wash clothing before using for the first time. That way, it will eliminate the bacteria that can contain the fabrics due to the dyes and labels, namely the stickers, which the clothes usually present when we buy them.

What to know before washing baby clothes

There are certain delicate clothes for babies, those with embroidery or lace, they are even made with silk or tulle, which require special care. In such cases, it is best to wash them by hand to prevent them from spoiling. If we need to iron baby clothes, it is best to do so at a low temperature and whenever necessary. Today, there are fewer baby clothes that require iron and are made up of much more practical fabrics. However, we recommend ironing, as it helps to eliminate microorganisms that may be subject to drying in the open air.

If we want to properly preserve the clothes for the next baby, it is recommended to wash the clothes before storing them and eliminate all possible stains (food, vomit etc.), so that they can be used for a longer time.

Enjoy the best of life and the good times it offers you! Make the most of your baby, it’s a wonderful phase, just like all the others!

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