Children’s Book Illustration

It’s important to have several activities available for our children, so that they feel stimulated, so that they can fully develop their skills. An illustrator of children’s books and decorative drawings has given her beautiful drawings, Children’s Book Illustration, so that they can be downloaded and colored by your children.

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Her name is Ana.
She was born in 1986, Covilhã – Portugal – where she lived and studied until she was 23.
Art was always part of her life. Soon she realized that she loved drawing and creating original things. She was never satisfied and she liked to customize everything (clothes, notebooks, cases, backpacks, bags…).
Although she studied science for sometime (another area she always liked) she wanted to pursue her career in arts.

She’s graduated in Multimedia Design – UBI, Covilhã.
During this path she discovered the beauty of children’s world and the potencial of their imagination, so she started creating illustrations for them. And she never stoped!

Currently she’s based in Lisbon (Portugal) with her husband and three children, and she work as a freelance illustrator, mostly for children’s books.

We would like to see these beautiful drawings, colored by your children. Send us the scanned drawings to our email contact, [email protected]

We’ll be happy to publish them on our blog and on our social networks, facebook, instagram and twitter. Your children’s drawings can also be sent directly to the author, who will be delighted to share on her social networks.
Ana’s email is [email protected]

Hopefully your children will have fun!


Visit Ana’s social networks, you’ll love it!




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