Because every pregnancy is unique

Because every child is unique!

Every moment of our lives is special, but pregnancy is a phase that transforms us. Because every pregnancy is unique!
With each pregnancy a transformation, a change, which goes through not only the physically suffered transformations, but especially the emotional ones.
We usually live for 40 weeks (each pregnancy is unique…) eager and curious to take our babies in our arms.

To make the birth as smooth as possible we should prepare ourselves during pregnancy as best we can and prepare for going to maternity relatively early.

Choose the 1st outfit

Choosing the first outfit is something most dads do with special care.
The colour, the details, the type of fabric, everything is thought to detail. Nothing is left to chance.

We always love to help you choose the most comfortable clothes that are easy to wear and strip.

Neutral pieces, pink or blue pieces, the most important thing is to choose pieces that guarantee the comfort and safety of your baby.

We will soon have an article on EU safety standards for the smallest clothes. Fasteners, buttons, threads, fabric types are all designed and chosen to increase the safety of our children.

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The list!

Are you ready to receive your baby? Everything ready?

All maternities, health centers or the place where you may be preparing for childbirth give you a list of what you need to bring to the maternity and delivery room (hat, body, underwear, babygrow, shawl, socks and diaper).

But most forget to hand over the list of what Mom and Dad can bring to themselves so that the moments before birth.

My Minha Enfermeira Parteira suggestions are super practical tips that aim to reduce stress and anxiety.

According to personal preferences for women:

  • Elastic for hair
  • the bath slippers
  • the underwear and sanitary napkin
  • Mobile phone with music to listen and charger
  • Childbirth ball, tennis ball, scarf
  • Floral or aromatherapy
  • Audio or hypnopart script (if you choose to use)
  • Hot pouch or seed bag to warm up
  • Non-slip warm socks


For @ companion:

  • Coins for vending machines
  • A book or magazine (for when in the waiting room)
  • Bottle of water and small snacks or piece of fruit


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We would like to know what you took in your suitcase and what helped you to relax. Leave your comments at the end of the article so they can be shared with other moms and dads!

Share with Dads and future Dads so they can check to see if they need to add anything to their maternity bag that might be useful to them!

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