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Liu Jo creative philosophy is dedicated to enhance every woman’s and girl’s natural beauty and femininity. They work with energy and enthusiasm to offer contemporary creations that bear the unmistakable Liu Jo identity: an immediately recognisable style expressed through top quality materials and painstaking attention to details. Deeply rooted in the craftsmanship excellence of the Carpi area, we remain loyal to their most authentic tradition and Italian style that spells elegance and reliable quality, sophistication and allure.

The brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi found the brand in Carpi, one of Italy’s leading knitwear districts. The launch of Liu Jo and Liu Jeans collections marks the beginning of the company’s growth on the Italian market, initially through multi-brand retail, later on the single-brand retail channel, both in Italy and abroad.

The iconic Bottom Up Jeans Collection  is launched with an innovative communication campaign. The company’s vision for its collections and creation of a true lifestyle brand is consolidated further with the introduction shoes, an exclusive line of footwear.

The style concept of the brand evolves to create a total look, the natural evolution of a brand born to enhance all aspects of femininity. The company launches the Liu Jo Accessories, girls’, men’s and Ajay collections.


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