Chiara Ferragni

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Chiara Ferragni is widely regarded as one of the leading fashion influencers of the social media generation.

Chiara Ferragni has a natural knack for entrepreneurship and building a following and media brand to the level she has managed to is no mean feat at all.

Chiara was born in Cremona, Italy, on 7 May 1987. Cremona is a city in Italy’s Lombardy region which is located near to Piacenza.

She’s married to Italian rapper and producer Federico Lucia, known as Fedez. They have two beautiful kids.

Monnalisa, with all its knowledge and experience in the world of luxury children’s fashion, is the brand responsible for the production and marketing of an impressive collection in the trousseau, baby and children’s lines. The protagonists of this collection are Eyelikes and Logomanias so beloved by Chiara Ferragni and even her cartoon.




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